Colleges and Universities

Although many US colleges and universities have Christian campus ministries, few are either focused at or reach out to the tennis players on campus. Many student players and coaches would like this type of ministry to be part of their program, but they do not have the resources or materials to provide this alternative. Center Court Ministries is there to provide the programs and assistance toward building the next generation of men and women.

Tennis is the number two sport in the world; around number seventeen in the United States; and now the foreign player is beginning to dominate in many college tennis programs. Our country trained the world in tennis; now our country can train the world in the Gospel as it comes to the US. A particular opportunity exists today to minister to the large number of foreign tennis players who may have not yet had the opportunity of hearing and sharing God’s Word or purpose in their lives. These players are being witnessed to and at the end of the school year they will be returning to their foreign countries and the Word will not go out void. The name of Jesus will be on their minds and in their hearts. Many of these foreign players are heroes in their own countries solely because they play a sport—TENNIS.

This Ministry is at college matches, college tournaments and ITA events. We speak at different college events and work closely with many college coaches.

Lives in colleges and universities are being changed!